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Improve Your Short Game 


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Become Dangerous On The Greens
No matter how much we hate it, a 6 foot putt affects our scorecard just as much as a long drive down the center of the fairway. Watch our videos on putting and have success on the greens!

  At The Practice Facility  

A selection of tips on becoming a better putter filmed at the practice area.

  On The Course  

A selection of putts filmed on the course during a round.

  Putting Drills  

A selection of putting drills filmed at the practice facility.

Ask The Putting Pro

Pair your video learning session with a quick read on putting from articles in our Ask The Pro section.

Putting Surfaces

What kind of grass are you putting on?

The Putting Grip

Which putting grip is for me and why?

Types Of Putters

What kind of putter should I use?

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