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We offer two programs, The Birdie Club and The Pro Shop. Get access to our library of training videos or just the gear, your choice
The Birdie Club
Browse our library of drills and lessons to shoot that lower score. From practice routines,  club selection, and more!
The Pro Shop
A trimmed down membership level for members who just want the gear without the training and video library!

Improve Your Game With The Birdie Club

Watch a couple videos to see what's inside The Club!

Take A Look Inside

We've made it easy to see whats inside the Birdie Club by making our library of videos on putting available to everyone! Get a glimpse of our training content and club experience by clicking the button below. Watch lessons and drills at the practice facility, or putts in real situations out on the course.

It's All In The Numbers

There's a lot to love about the Birdie Club. Join the only program online that has both training content and products. We're set out on a mission to offer the best of both worlds. Take a look inside our membership area and give us a try for free by clicking the button below!

The Birdie Club is filled with over 3 hours of video lessons, drills, and on the course footage. Learn from two different golf pros and browse our growing library of exclusive content.
The Pro Shop has over 50 products to buy and take to the course. From balls, gloves, hats, and polos, the entire store is priced to make every golfer happy.
The Ask The Pro section of the Birdie Club is filled with over 30 articles covering the game of golf. From putting drills to the effects of playing at altitude, all of the answers are there.
The Pro Shop

Take advantage of wholesale prices on all of our Golf Products and save $100's per year!

Featured Collections
Golf Gloves

We've created a custom collection of high quality Cabretta Leather Golf Gloves that aren't available anywhere else on the internet. Mix and Match your favorites.

Golf Polos

We've crafted the perfect Polyester/Cotton blend Golf Polos for both playability and comfort. The best part? They're only $13.95 for Birdie Club Members.

Golf Balls

Our custom designed golf balls are only $12.95 per dozen for Pro Shop members! Browse our growing collection and take them to the course.

Get more birdies on the card by signing up for The Birdie Club or get access to unbeatable prices on our products by joining The Pro Shop!

The Birdie Club
per month
- Unlimited access to all current and future Drills & Lessons

- Pro Shop membership included 

The Pro Shop
per month
- Unlimited access to all products and savings

- Free Shipping on orders $10 or more

Giveaways Worth Entering  

From full sets of clubs to robo golf carts and dozens of golf balls, we love giving golfers the chance to win something to take to the course!

Member Only Giveaways

Members of the Birdie Club get access to three exclusive giveaways per month. Entering is as easy as logging in and you're one click away. This month alone we're giving away three golf bags worth over $600! Become a member today and join the running. 

Enter, Win, Repeat 

Don't miss one of our giveaways! Enter to win full sets of clubs, golf bags, golf balls, and so much more. You could be on our growing list of happy winners!

Full Set Of Clubs + USA Bag

Winner: Don A.

Location: The Villages, FL

Robo Golf Cart + Bag

Winner: Matt R.

Location: Mount Airy, MD

Full Set Of Clubs + USA Bag

Winner: Eddie F.

Location: Wetmore, MI

We're Going Mobile
Golfer Giveaways: A Social Network For Golfers
We're launching a mobile app and social network for golfers to meet new friends and enter our giveaways all with the click of a button. Join the browser version before launch!
Winners From All Over The USA

Whether you're on the east coast or west coast, at the beach or in the mountains, our winners are all over the USA!

Our Past Giveaway Winners

Take a look at our past winners! Hopefully you're on the board soon. With new winners every month, be sure to check back and see who the lucky winner is! If you have a certain giveaway prize you would like to see offered, please shoot us
an email and we'll do our best to offer it.

Ask The Pro

Members of the Birdie Club get access to our library of Ask The Pro content! With over 25 articles, there's a lot to learn from a quick read.

Here's a look at a couple articles from the library.
The Slice
How To Fix A Slice

"The first way to fix a slice is by adjusting your grip. A weak grip (where the hands are rotated too far to the left) can cause the clubface to open at impact, resulting in a slice. By adjusting your grip to a more neutral position, you can square the clubface at impact and hit straighter shots"

The Hook
How To Fix A Hook

"The second way to fix a hook is by adjusting your swing path. A swing path that is too much from the outside (where the clubhead approaches the ball from the outside of the target line) can cause the clubface to close at impact, resulting in a hook. By adjusting your swing path to a more neutral position, you can square the clubface at impact and hit straighter shots."

The Box Drill
Putting Drills

"The Box Drill: This drill focuses on stroke consistency. Draw a box around the ball, making sure the box is the same length as your putter. Try to hit the ball out of the box without hitting any of the sides. This drill will help you develop a consistent stroke and increase control over your putter."


"Confidence is the most important single factor in this game, and no matter how great your natural talent, there is only one way to obtain and sustain it: work"

- Jack Nicklaus

See the line and roll the ball better
Putting is often is what kills a score card after a round. Learn the basics of putting, how to read a putt correctly, and what to think about standing over a putt.

Improve chipping accuracy and consistency
Chipping around the greens, especially in tight lies, is one of the hardest parts of the game. Getting the ball close for a tap in putt makes life a lot easier. Learn the basics and mechanics of a better chipping motion.
Flush your irons and strike the ball correctly 
There are so many parts of the golf swing that must sync up correctly to strike the ball consistently and accurately. Learn the right stance, posture, and ideal impact position that leads to better scoring.
Pick Your Club
Industry leading instructors
Learn from the best! Our pro will dive into putting, swing thoughts, setup, grip, and so much more.
Tried, tested & optimized material
After coaching over 100 golfers at various skill levels, our approach is tried and true. Focusing on the fundamentals, each lesson is meant to be taken to the range and perfected on the course.
Save On Gear
The Pro Shop offers so many different ways to save on gear and is a trimmed down version of The Birdie Club.

Take your game to the next LEVEL

Ready to improve your game? If the Birdie Club is for you, click the button below and start your membership right away.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is included in the Birdie Club?
Great question! The Birdie Club was created to lower your score and save you money on gear. As a member of the Birdie Club you get access to our dynamic library of golf training videos, lesson plans, and quizzes. Alongside the digital content, members get wholesale prices on all kinds of golf gear as our Pro Shop membership is included when you become a Birdie Club member. Trust us, these are the lowest prices you can find! After you're decked out and ready for the course, enter our monthly giveaways for a chance to win all kinds of golf related prizes inside of the Birdie Club simply by logging in.
Who are the golf instructors?
Our golf instructors and coaches have over 50 years of combined experience in and around the game of golf. From coaching, fitting, and selling golf equipment, our content comes from the best. By working hard to assemble a library of training videos members can cut out the cost of expensive coaches and take what they learn online to the range. Follow lesson plans, watch as many videos as you want, and see the results in your game!
Do you offer refunds?
Good question! We offer a 14 Day Free Trial to anyone who takes one of our promotional offers so you can try out the Birdie Club without paying anything. If you decide to continue receiving access to the Birdie Club after the completion of your trial and are billed your membership fee you will not be eligible for a refund. If you became a member by signing up on either our monthly or annual sign up page, you will not be eligible for a refund. Inside your membership portal is an easy and seamless way to cancel your membership if at any point you wish to do so. If you have any questions at all please reach out to our customer support team and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours!
Can I view the lessons on my phone?
Yes you can! We designed our membership site for both mobile and desktop users. Sit down and watch at home or while practicing on the range simply by logging in and picking up right where you left off. Every other membership benefit is also available on mobile. Shop and get gear or take a quiz after watching your most recent video, it’s ready!
How fast will I get better?
Feedback from our members has been nothing but positive! You will get better as quickly as you watch our training videos and implement what’s taught into your game. Depending upon how long you’ve been playing the game and where your weaknesses lie, each category of lessons will get you on track and fix those dreaded mistakes. Start with the areas that penalize you the most and put the drills into practice to shave numbers of your scorecard!
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